Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lack of Training or Perfect Amount of Training?

I have been struggling the last two weeks to keep up with the level of training I was doing the two weeks prior.  This time I can't blame it on work (which I never should blame).  Don't get me wrong, the last two weeks have been busy with birthdays, races, friends, and other things but I that shouldn't slow me down.

In reviewing the last four weeks (excluding this week), I have the following:

Week Swim (Meters) Bike (Miles) Run (Miles) Total Miles Time
3/14 - 3/20 9,000 59 16 80 10:27
3/21 - 3/27 10,000 37 20 63 9:33
3/28 - 4/3 5,000 17 16 35 6:07
4/4 - 4/10 6,000 52 4 60 6:30

I feel that my training has no identity and that I'm focusing on quantity rather than quality.  I've been trying to find an identity by researching training programs but when I try to match training programs to where I think I am, it doesn't jive with what I think I need.  I find that my first few weeks are levels for training plans above the olympic distance while the last two weeks may more mimic an olympic distance plan but near the end.  Either way, I'm all over the place amongst the individual disciplines.

In evaluating the first two weeks I am very happy with my distances but I was plagued with overtraining concerns.  Going to bed at night had me feeling like I was having anxiety attacks with my heart rate escalated.  I still had plenty of energy during the day though.

The next two weeks were fewer partly because of my taper for Brew-to-Brew and then recovery from Brew-to-Brew.  While my overtraining symptoms have gone away, guilt did not.

I think the answer is pretty simple.  I'm not training for anything more than an olympic distance triathlon.  I don't need to jump immediately into 2-a-days.  Overtraining = injury.  Acceptance removes the guilt.

What I have enjoyed:

  • Running -- Increased technical analysis increased speed.  This makes me think that I'm heading into the next phase of my running.
  • Swimming -- Hitting that "perfect" stroke and gliding through the water.  Happens about .00005% of the time.
  • Bike -- Seeing my town from a different perspective.

So given that, I want to get an average amount of time in the shoes to work on my new form.  I want to focus on time in the swim but instead of hitting long distance attempt to be more technical to get the form down.  As for time in the saddle, just ride ride ride to build the base.  Lastly, get at least one weight session in.  As for schedule, limit the amount of 2-a-days (except for weight days); however, work in a short brick run after the ride.

Just with any training plans, there will be a long training day on the weekend.  This will be a struggle. I prefer to get up at 4:30am on Saturday to get my training in.  The YMCA isn't open until 7:00am and I'm hesitant biking in the dark.  So any brick session will have to be in reverse.  So be it.

An additional twist, two weeks after KC Triathlon is Hospital Hill Half-Marathon.  I'd love to improve my half-marathon PR, so I may get in some extract time in the shoes.

As for the training plan for KC Tri, I'm going to find one and insert myself into whatever week I should be in but adapter for my needs.

Any recommendations?

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  1. I would be careful with switching the brick workouts too often. Before my first tri, I would always run or bike before swimming, for convenience. Come race day, my HR was much higher than I was used to for the bike. It was kinda weird. I like bricks because they help me get used to the deadleg feeling once I'm done biking, not necessarily for the conditioning aspect. I'm sure as long as you mix it up occasionally you should be fine...