Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lost in Transition

I wondered when they would start.  They are inevitable and you just hope they don't freak you out enough to stop everything and run the other direction.  Just as soon as I started wondering when they would show up, they did.  Self-fulfilling proficiency?  Likely.  My first one was two weekends ago and the second was on Monday.  What are they?


Triathlon related dreams, of course.  So far the two that I had weren't nightmare-ish but I suspect one will come eventually.

  1. This was a few weeks ago and so I don't remember too much of it.  What I do remember is I couldn't get clipped into my pedal on the bike.  After repeated attempts I eventually stopped to notice the clip on the shoe was broken.  I chalked this one up to the fact I'm still learning how to get clipped in efficiently.
  2. After getting out of the water from my swim I got lost navigating to the transition area.  I ended up on the other side of the lake.  Seriously.  I think this one stems from the fact that I have horrible vision.  My glasses are pop bottles.  I use a pair of prescription goggles at the pool and will definitely be using them for all triathlons.  I even have a backup pair just in case.
Do you have triathlon dreams?  Feel free to share but I might not read them until after the season is over.

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