Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing #TheDeck and #TheDrunk

This past weekend was one of the best weekends in a long time.  It was TKB’s and my birthday weekend.  It’s the weekend that falls between our birthdays as we were born 7 days apart (I'm older :P). In typical Scott and Tricia Bowling family fashion, we put together a little party but only giving everyone two days notice.  One of the catalyst for the event was that we had a deck installed on our house last fall that is nearly 3 times the size of the previous deck (at 10’ x 10’, it’s not hard to increase the size though).  I’ve decided to christen our deck with the name of #TheDeck (Yes, that’s a twitter hashtag thing) and believe you me, it was christen quite a few times as the wind knocked over people’s drinks.

Saturday was sitting out on #TheDeck from noon to 6:30pm as friends and family came and went.  Then Joe VI, TKB, and I went to a movie (Paul – Hilarious!).  After the movie TKB and I hung outside for another hour.  #TheDeck saw more action Sunday evening as my brother and his lovely family came over for dinner (we had tons of leftovers from Saturday).  Unfortunately I did not take a SINGLE picture of Saturday but managed a couple snap shots on Sunday.

I'm getting the "You're taking photos like your Mom" look from Mike and Amanda.  TKB is doing her best Forgetting Sarah Marshall brunch scene impression.

The other side of #TheDeck.

I don’t know if you can tell, but there is something in the first shot that turned out to be my Achilles’ heel for the evening.  If you can’t see it, let me point it out.

This is one of my favorite drinks: Margaritas! The recipe I use is pretty strong.  No wait.  It’s EXTREMELY strong.  Two of those glasses gets me in a pretty good mood.  Apparently, last night, it put me in such a good mood that I went for a third glass.  This time, I neglected to fill the glass up with ice like normal.  In essence, I had 2 – 3 glasses of Margarita in one serving.  Fortunately, the impact of this oversight occurred as my brother’s family (read: kids) were just leaving so they (read: parents) only got to enjoy them through TKB's twitter feed:

Needless to say, swimming on Monday morning was cancelled.  Now let's be clear here, I'm not a lush.  I hardly ever get like this.  If I have one cocktail more than once a week, then it must be due to a special occasion.  After this weekend I ended up with about 30 leftover bottles of near-beer (Bud Light, Miller Light) in my basement and I really have no idea what to do with them. This episode only happened due to poor planning on my decision to not fill up my glass with ice.


  1. That first picture looks a lot like me after a couple of Quaffaritas.