Monday, July 4, 2011

Half-Ironman Training - Week 1

First week of Half-Ironman Training is in the books!  It went very well and I'm excited to see things progress into week two.

The end of Week 1 was completed while on vacation at Pomona Lake and I was just as excited to continue my training there due to the history I have with that lake.  I had planned a bike ride around the lake for Sunday but ended up seeking a route that kept me on paved roads.  The weather was nice due to the oncoming rain showers, but I kept dry (at least from external factors).  On Saturday my brother and I went for a run to satisfy the 50 minutes I had planned.  We took a stroll through the old campground where I learned to ride a bike (Thanks Uncle Roger!).

It's an old boat but it's in great shape.  Love it!

On my way back to the campground on the bike I did a flying dismount and now realize there is an unsafe dismount speed.  While I stayed on my feet, my bike wanted to take off on me and I practically crashed it.  Oops.  Need to learn more control there.

A few weeks ago I lost my sunglasses.  I was kind of bummed out because they are prescription, so I can't just pickup a new pair easily.  I took my lunch on the road Monday and ordered a new pair at the eye doctor. I like these because they should work better during training/racing as they wrap around my head a little closer to cut out the wind.  I hope to have them before the Shawnee Mission Triathlon on July 10.
These might not be the exact same pair.  They are actual for motorcycle riders.  The foam "seal" around the inside can be removed.  

Had a great time with Mark on Wednesday doing some bike training at Shawnee Mission Park.  We are both participating on the Triathlon on July 10, so it was good to get some time on the actual course.

Swim: 3400 meters (3000 meters planned)
Bike: 67.7 miles (65 miles planned)
Run: 13.24 miles (2 hours planned, 2:05 completed)
Weights: 0
Volleyball: Won 1 game
Totals: 83.06 miles in 7:17hours

I'm a little shocked at my mileage.  This is the most miles I've ever done and it's only week 1!  I am keeping track of my blood pressure to make sure I don't see any spikes to help determine overtraining (and to be a good patient since that's what my doctor has asked me to do).

I have another race added to my schedule!  I'll announce it here this week but if you follow me on twitter, you already know!

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