Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mid-Week Mind Stream

*BEEP BEEP BEEP*  4:00am....  time to get moving.  Out of bed at 4:04am.  I had planned a 40 minute run this morning plus 1000 meters at the gym.  This is a very doable distance in both regards, partly because of it being a recovery week.

Started my run right out the door.  The legs complained so I complied, no big hills this morning.  They still didn't want to move.  They gave in but only to the point of a "Scotty Shuffle" but, frankly, my mind didn't want to push them either.  The first ten minutes clicked off without my auto-lap notifying me that I've reached one mile.  Awesome.... 10:32.  My heart rate was in the zone so I didn't want to push it.  What happened?  Am I losing my aerobic base?  Is my heart rate elevated with overtraining... but it's recovery week!  By the looks of it, I was going to hit 4 miles in 40 minutes.  Hmm. remember when I ran 4 miles in 26:51?

The second mile wasn't much better....10:13.  I guess it means I need more sleep.  I got a good 8 hours Tuesday nigth but only 5.5 Wednesday. I probably average 5.5.  Not good.  If I'm going to survive this thing, I need to try to get 8 hours if possible.

The third mile had me thinking that this is probably likely because I rode 20 miles at 8pm the night before.  Maybe I shouldn't stack the workouts together like that... but trying to #BeatTheHeat.  Hmm... starting to get some length in the stride.  9:47... better.

Finally getting back into the groove for mile 4: 9:10 but that included 500 feet of sprinting.  At least I got some sprints in.  I ought to be doing this in 8:00 - 8:30 pace.  Oh well.

Back home for about 5 minutes before heading to the gym. It's nice living 2 miles from the YMCA.  Hopped in the shower to cleanse off (cold) but into the pool (warm.. mmmmm).  Went horizontal and started the human-arm-propeller.  Hmm... guess I'll hit another 22+ minute swim based on my run.  Checked my watch halfway through... hmmm... 9:30.  At about 750 meters, I was 14:20.  I might do this.  Finished my 1000 meters in 18 minutes 59 seconds.  This might be the best swim time ever.

Things sure can turn around through the course of a brick but I'm glad to have tomorrow as a rest day.  Hopefully I can hit 8 hours of sleep tonight and Friday night, assuming my work pager doesn't go off at 1:00am.... again.  Planning a 30 miler for Saturday!

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