Saturday, July 30, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed...

As I mentioned earlier, I figured out my issues with my Garmin Edge and Forerunner dropping speed and distance mid-ride.  When either device's GPS accuracy drops below a certain threshold, it switches to the cadence/speed sensor for distance/speed; however, if the speed sensor isn't working then the Edge/FR thinks you aren't either.

If you have the GSC 10, then you'll know that you can test the magnet location by pressing on a little white button and it will flash red/green for a second.  You then turn the pedals/wheel it will flash red as the cadence sensor is tripped and green when the wheel speed sensor is tripped.  Mine?  Well, it would only flash red when pressed.  Then as I turned the wheel, it wouldn't turn either.  I could take the wheel magnet in my hand and pass it up and down the sensor with the magnet... nothing.  I could hear it tripping something in the unit but no green light.

When I ordered my new tri tank and shorts from Amazon, I threw in a cadence/speed sensor into the digital shopping cart.  The box arrived just in time for my trainer ride Wednesday. I pulled off the old GSC 10, got everything out of the box with the new one, and placed it on the bike with loosely tightened zip ties.  I carefully lined up the wheel magnet and started turning the wheel.


What the heck!  Are the wheels on my bike some magical demagnetizer?  I took put the magnet in hand and waved it over the sensor.


Am I crazy?  Well, maybe I am.  So I do something a crazy person would do.  I grabbed the old sensor laying on my floor.  Hit the button and waved the magnet over it.  GREEN!

Yep.  Take off the old sensor and put it right back on.  I don't think that is in the directions.  Fortunately, there were enough zip ties in the package that I was able to get the NEW sensor attached.

Good thing I took better care of laying out the parts when I replaced the garbage disposal today. (However, next time I replace a garbage disposal I will make sure I tighten it to the flange under the sink better so it won't FALL OFF while I'm testing it).

Speaking of the new tri clothes.  I worked hard trying to find a tri tank that would fit me in length and had my favorite color orange.  I even recruited Joe VI and he found an Orca Core Tri Tank that had orange in the shoulders AND was listed as being longer in the torso; however, this was a 2010 model and the only place I found one in stock was at a shady e-tailer.  So I went with my backup color, yellow.  Here is a photo of me wearing the new kit:

I think it fits me quite well, don't you?

OK Ok...

... and the new shades!!
I wore the tank today on my 40 mile ride with Joe VI and it worked pretty well.  The back is much longer than my red tri jersey (so no funky looking sunburn tramp stamp).  The material is much tighter so I don't expect it to ride up too much but I guess I don't care.  It's what comes with the territory of being a tall tri guy.


  1. Nice suit, I just got a new one myself. I like the "facebook" photo in the bathroom mirror...

  2. Ahhh, I remember my first tramp stamp sunburn. It was visible for almost a year.