Sunday, July 17, 2011

Half-Ironman Training - Week 3

This week added more base miles to the training plan and I hit a new record, 3 digits.  Now I'm not talking the outside temps but rather 100 miles.  I'm cruising past the miles that gave me overtraining concerns back in March, so I must be doing things "right" this time.

Since this week was crazy busy, I got up at 4:00am each day to get my training in.  Not only did this help complete the training goals, it helped me finish my training before the heat of the day.  On Thursday I skipped volleyball to meet up with Ashley at Shawnee Mission Park where they organized open water swims.  I had a great time and plan to take advantage of this as much as possible.  I wish more lakes did this around here, and maybe they do.  With the nasty heat lately, the water was extremely warm.  I felt like I could cook pasta out there.

Saturday was a great training day as Joe VI and I headed out to The Legends and kicked off a long bike session.  We took off on State Avenue and road for 50 - 55 minutes and turned around.  I was trying to get in 35 miles so I went ahead a bit longer than Joe.  The weather started in the low 80's and finished in the 90's.  The was a nice breeze though and kept me cool enough

Sunday was a 60 minute long run and I slept a few hours past when I was hoping to get in the run.  I slept in a bit to get in more sleep.  The 35 miles on Saturday really wore me down.   Nothing very interesting on the run except that I almost ran into a car.  A brand new red Ford Explorer wasn't paying much attention pulling out of a church and I almost made a dent into the fancy new passenger side front door.  I could have smacked the car with my hand and/or yelled at the driver but just kept going.  I'll forgive the sinners. 

Weekly Training
  • Swim: 3375 meters (3500 meters planned - OWS was shorter than expected)
  • Bike: 82.29 miles (80 miles planned)
  • Run: 15.59 miles / 2:31 hours (2:25 hours planned)
  • Weights: 0 
  • Volleyball: Skipped but I heard we want the match!  Go Team Far From Spiken
  • Overall: 100 miles in 8:34 hours
3 weeks down and 18 to go! 

Week 4 is a recovery week for me.  Not as busy as last week but I am planning another OWS at Shawnee Mission Park, so feel free to come out and join in the fun.  I am planning to do a bike ride after if the temps aren't too bad.  Getting that annual physical on Wednesday, so hopefully the doc will approve with all my training.

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