Monday, July 11, 2011

Half-Ironman Training - Week 2

This week was going to be another big week and it was great to have Monday off to celebrate the Fourth of July by doing a Swim/Bike brick.

I finalized the travel, hotel, and registration plans for the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Marathon.  This is going to be extremely fun as we are meeting up with Rebecca and Jake for the race.  Rebecca is running the half-marathon.  I'm hesitant that I'll be able to ramp up my base to do a 26.2 after my Half Ironman but we'll see.  If I decide to knock it down to a half, I'm only out $15.

The week ended with triathlon #4 with Shawnee Mission Triathlon Long Course.  I'm working on the race report but to give some initial thoughts:

  • Hot
  • Humid
  • Hot
  • Finished 76 overall and 13th in my Age Group with a 2:01:21 (official) time.  I have very mixed thoughts about that.
  • Hot

Weekly Training

  • Swim: 4250 meters (3250 meters planned)
  • Bike: 78.11 miles (70 miles planned -- commuting to work on Wednesday made up for the fewer miles on the weekend)
  • Run: 13.59 miles / 2:02 hours (2:15 hours planned)
  • Weights: 0 
  • Volleyball: Lost all three games.  Need to start stepping up our game or hydrate less with beer.
  • Overall: 93.7 miles in 8:40 hours

I dropped my training plans for Saturday and Sunday due to the triathlon on Sunday.  I knew I wouldn't be getting in my full scheduled training for those days but I also was planning to push a little harder on Sunday, so that made up for the lost training... at least in my mind.

One more week of base building and then a recovery week.  This week is going to be trying my training moxy as we are extremely busy this week.  I have a KC Stage staff meeting tonight so I got my training in this morning.  I just left my alarm set at 4:00am as it was yesterday for the race, so I was able to get in my 45 minute run and 1000 meter swim.  Tomorrow I will be working late but I will be going in later as well, so I plan to get both my swim/ride in tomorrow morning.  Wednesday Tricia is working late so I should just have to fight the temps to get in my bike ride.

Normally I move Thursday's run to Wednesday because of volleyball on Thursday; however, I'm skipping out to meet up with Ashley (who paced me during the KC Marathon last October) at Shawnee Mission Park to do a swim/ride brick session.  Time will be TIGHT since swim doesn't open until 6 and I am going to a Harry Potter double header that night.  As I mentioned above, I normally do a run on Thursday, so I might do that in the morning with the added training in the evening.

I'm debating about asking the boss for Friday off because there is so much stuff I've been putting off due to how busy things have been the last few weeks -- on top of all the training.  With any luck I will mow the yard after the meeting tonight.


  1. 2 hours for the short course, right? How does that compare to your expectations?

    Also, if I were to accompany you to the thursday swim, do you think that we could convince TKB to stand in line for us so that we can still get a good seat for HP?

  2. @Runnergirl... Thanks! So far it's been fun.

    @Joe VI... 2 hours for the long course; however, I definitely have enjoyed doing shorts the last two Tris... I've been placing in the single digits. That is definitely the tricky part about Thursday. I wish they would open swimming early. I'll text/IM you to discuss.

  3. Way to tear up that course. I was dying. It felt way hotter than it was...

  4. I think I would have died if I tried to race last weekend. Too hot and humid. Way to knock it out in the midst of your HIM training though.